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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 after months of political ads, name- p>>russell: after months of olitical ads, name calling, pheated debate, tonight iowa pvoters will finally have their psay in picking the next resident. p>>laura: political editor craig atrick is there keeping an eye pon iowa. p>>reporter: the polls have ptightened and we have a winter pstorm moving through so we could pbe in for a very unpredictable pnight. p>>dave: weatherwise we're in the pmid 60s outside at tampa pinternational. p10, 15 degrees warmer in many pspots than it was yesterday at pthis time so it is mild, pstarting to get muggy as well. pthere will be some sunshine in
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pback in the mid 70s. p>>vanessa: in polk county pthere's a crash closing down phighway 27 near crumb road. pthis is a fatal accident so pavoid that area. pa new crash we're also following preported at new tampa highway pand county line road. pno word on lane blocks but keep pan eye out for emergency crews pyou see out here. p>>russell: all eyes are on iowa. pvoting for the presidential race pbegins tonight. p>>laura: and what happens in the phawkeye state may even predict pwho sits in the white house. p>>russell: craig patrick is live pin des moines. ptime is up for the candidates to pmake their pitch now for their psupporters, right? p>>reporter: that's right. pthey're making one last round ptoday, this afternoon a number pof rallies but it will be 7:00 .m. iowa time when you will pcaucus and we'll know what the pvoters decide.
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lay here. pamong other things we have a psnowstorm moving through. pit will move through western piowa first. pthese are areas where donald ptrump may be a little stronger, pwhere hillary clinton may be a plittle stronger and the pdemocratic party and if that psnowstorm were to depress pturnout in particular, we just pdon't know which way this one is pgoing to go. pit could hurt hillary clinton, articularly in the west. pat the same time, democratic prace, you have bernie sanders pwho is widening clinton in the pcollege areas. pwill those college students and pyoung voters turn out for bernie pat the altar as young voters phave been known to do time and ptime again? psanders h pgroups than hillary clinton. pon the flip side, the clinton pcampaign is relying on a strong pground game, more than 1,000
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pthe state and she has been pbuilding that ground game, of pcourse, not just for months but pa matter of years having run phere in 2008. pswitching over to the republican arty, the polls show that trump pand cruz are very close, run and pone, but don't be surprised if pyou see some movement also for pmarco rubio. phe's been surging in the later phours and days of this race. pdon't expect him necessarily to pwin but he could certainly poutperform expectations. p>>laura: it could be exciting to pwatch. pthank you, craig. p>>russell: the outcome of ptonight's caucuses will hinge on pturnout but some bad weather pcould keep voters away from ptheir meetings. pblizzard watch has been on pnotice for most of iowa and pnebraska. ptransportation officials are pmeeting to plan their response. pdave is here.
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popen until 7:00 tonight. p>>laura: looks like everybody pshould be able to get home from pcaucusing before the worst of it phits, right? p>>dave: you're right. pi'm glad the caucus is not ptomorrow. pit would have been a whole pdifferent ballgame. pwe're watching this snow work pits way through parts of pcolorado into nebraska and, you pknow, into iowa eventually. pas it gets to the western part pof the state, sometime this pevening, they should, again, be pdone with the caucusing and then pit's going to snow big time as pyou mentioned the blizzard watch pin effect and maybe a foot of psnow in a few spots. pso i think they're going to be pokay but barely okay. pagain, this caucus was tomorrow, pi don't know how they would be pable to do this with a foot of psnow on the ground but timing pshould be in their favor, i pthink, overall. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. pit is a long road to the white phouse. phere is a look what's coming paround the bend. pthe new hampshire primaries are ptuesday. pwatch watch state republicans pand nevada democrats caucus on pthe 20th.
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pthe 23rd. psouth carolina republican rimary is also the 20th pfollowed by the democrats a week plater. psuper-tuesday then is march 1. pthat's when 15 states and pterritories will head to the olls. pflorida primaries are march 15. pelection day is tuesday, pnovember 15. p>>laura: a man was found shot to pdeath in palmetto. phe's identified as 21-year-old pcolin mahoney. pat this point, detectives are pnot releasing more information pabout the crime. pthis p>>russell: the search continues pfor two teenagers who pauthorities say escaped from a pjuvenile detention center in ptampa.
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pfor us outside fall -- pfaulkenburg academy. p>>reporter: take a look at your pscreen right now. pcrime stoppers is offering up pfor a $3,000 reward for pinformation on this pair. pthis is anthony bay and anthony pcook. ptwo escaped through a hole cut pin a state link fence off pcolumbus drive. pwe learned a private company pactually runs the faulkenburg pacademy for the department of pjuvenile justice and an pinvestigation is underway to pfind out how this happens. pcook disappeared during an poutside time. pstaff members noticed other eople looking at the fence. pthe staff member checked out the pfence, spotted the hole, did a phead count, searched but they pcould not locate bay and cook. pthat was around 9:15 sunday pmorning. pwe're told it was around 10:30 pwhen the sheriff's office was
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phad escaped. pdepartment of juvenile justice pspokesperson released a pstatement saying, using the ptampa residential facility are pto be supervised 24 hours a day, pincluding when they are on the precreation field. pthe department of juvenile pjustice investigation will pdetermine whether appropriate psupervision was in place and pwhether or not all policies and rocedures were followed. pnow, bay is from georgia and pcook is from st. pete. pit's unclear if anyone helped pthem at the time of the escape pbut they were wearing green pshirts and blue pants. pif you have any information on ptheir whereabouts, again, please pgo ahead and give the phillsborough county sheriff's poffice a call. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. pnew video of a fiery crash on pi-4. pit happened late last night just peast of macintosh road in phillsborough. ptroopers say a truck went off pthe interstate and burst into pflames.
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phospital. pwe don't know how that person pis. p>>laura: a driver hit and killed pa bicyclist and didn't stop. pit happened at 7:15 last night pon the northbound lanes of u.s. p301 between sixth and eighth pstreets. pbicyclist was rushed to sarasota pmemorial hospital with life pthreatening injuries. pand later died. phis name has not been released pyet. pofficers say they're looking for pa dark colored toyota corolla pwith front end damage. pan empty boat was found near psand key coast guard station. pthere were no life jackets on pboard. pdive teams searched the water pfor hours and found nothing. pboater's name not released yet. pfamily members say he may have pbeen suicidal. p>>laura: it is 6:08 now and when pthe party stops, that's when the pcleanup begins. pthousands of pounds of trash pleft behind on bayshore pboulevard every year after pgasparilla. pnearly 100 volunteers showed up pyesterday morning, though, with pthe florida aquarium ready to pwork.
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pfrom palm trees, gathered empty pbeer bottles and some even pworked to clear up the trash in pthe bay. pwhat is behind left could harm pthe animals. pof all that trash, there's one pthing in particular that takes pthe most time picking up every pyear. p>> the worst thing is nothing pbut cigarette butts. pyou'll see garbage but the redominant garbage is just pcigarettes. p>>laura: the crowd of 200,000 irates leave a messy park. plast year volunteers collected pmore than a ton and a half of ptrash. pthat's about the size of a four pdoor sedan. pnumbers not in yet but pvolunteers say nearly 1,500 ounds of debris will be precycled. p>>russell: it is the fight to pkeep a retiring officer and his pcanine partner together. p>>laura: and the donations are ouring in to help. pstate of ohio says its hands are ptied. pand check this out. pa giant fire ball caught on pcamera as it streaks across the
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pthis morning a lot of people are pasking, what was it? p>>dave: 6:09. pi have one or two sprinkles on pthe radar. pevery time they approach the pcoast, they get eaten up. pwe have 66 lovely degrees poutside. prelatively light winds and they pshift more to the south.
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artly sunny 3 take a look at this ... this is new video of a p>>laura: take a look at this. pnew video of a fire ball that pwas captured over virginia psaturday night and there it is pagain. pwatch for it. pthere it is. phundreds of sightings were preported in the america media
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pthere's no reports on what it pwas just yet. p>>russell: and this. pon a sunny, sunday morning, 13 pyears ago, space shuttle pcolumbia exploded. pscattering debris over a large art of east texas. pkilled. ptrouble actually started moments pafter the shuttle took off. pthe insulating foam had broken poff and damaged the wing as it plaunched. psome of the heat shielding was pdamaged and the shuttle pdisintegrated on re-entry. p13 years later, searchers have pfound 40% of that shuttle. pwow. p>>laura: yeah. p>>dave: i believe that was a psaturday morning, i think, too. p>>russell: and i think you're pright. p>>dave: i was watching ptelevision and i couldn't pbelieve it. pyeah. pwe got 6:13 and in the 60s this pmorning. pit is a lot warmer than we've phad the past couple of mornings. pi remember waking up saturday
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pwhoa. pnow you're at 66 degrees at ptampa international. plooks like the low temperatures pthe next few days will stay on pthe mild side which is nice. p61 up in crystal river. pwe took a couple of spots, ptallahassee, jacksonville in the p40s and along i-10 so that's pjust one little cold patch here pthat includes southeastern pgeorgia but everybody else is preally mild this morning. pwith our winds beginning to make pa shift to the east now, the psoutheast and south, that's why pthe temperatures will continue pto stay on the mild side. pyou look 24 hours ago, we were pabout 10 to 14 degrees warmer in pcentral florida. pit's a noticeable difference as pyou step outside, trust me. pbut we're also getting rid of psome real thick cloud cover pmoving south and east. pin its wake we still are going pto deal with some cloud cover ptoday. pi think we get a little bit more psunshine than we had yesterday pand yesterday was kind of cloudy pbut it was mild. ptoday a little bit more psunshine, temperatures will then
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pthe mid 70s so seasonable ptoday. ptomorrow still pretty much think pit's going to be the warmest day pof the week overall. phere is the way the rest of the pweek will set up. pwe'll watch a cold front drop to pthe southeast. palso the severe weather they're plooking at in tennessee, parts pof kentucky for tomorrow as pwell. pby wednesday morning, you'll pstart to see it work into the anhandle and eventually through phere on thursday. pso there's your first round of prain this week. pthe interesting thing is behind pthis front, another low is going pto develop and move across our pstate on sunday so just based on pnew information that i just plooked at, i shifted the rain pfrom saturday into sunday so you pcould be looking at a thursday, psunday event. pso partly sunny, isolated shower
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pagain, if you get i quick psprinkle or shower today, it's pnot a big deal. poverall, less than 20% chance of pthat happening. pthe big thing tonight is when pthe winds start that shift to pthe south, you're going to run pall that warmer air over the pcooler waters of the gulf. pthat's going to generate some psea fog so overnight lows around p64 degrees with the fog along pthe coastline, tomorrow morning pscattered clouds inland. pwe have a shot of making it up pto 80 degrees for a high ptemperature tomorrow. pover the weekends boating looks pfantastic. psoutheast winds at five, seas prunning less than two. phigh tide at 8:45 this morning. pi mentioned a couple of rounds pof halfway decent rain. pfirst what's going to be on pthursday, some thunderstorm pactivity. pi know it's the first day of the pstate fair but then it looks plike sunday, another decent pchance of picking up showers as pwell. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pi do want to revisit that deadly pcrash i mentioned at the top of
6:16 am
pthis is happening in polk pcounty. ptouch on alternates here and pmore information we're getting. pu.s. 27 just a reminder this is pwhere it's happening south of pcrump road and polk county pdeputies are on scene with a pfull shutdown along 27th. pyour alternate is center street pand we're learning this is just pa single vehicle crash. pof course, somebody has passed paway. pwe're going to look at majors as pwell. pif you're heading westbound from pbuckman to 75, that's an 11 pminute ride and from the tampa pside of the howard frankland to pthe i-4, that interchange is pjust an even ride. p>>laura: at least 50 people died pin explosions at a shrine. pgroups gather in geneva to find pa peaceful end to the civil war. pislamic state group claimed presponsibility for the attack.
6:17 am
pdied and 11 million have fled ptheir homes in almost five years pof civil war in syria. p>>russell: across america this pmorning, two virginia tech pstudents have charged in the pdeath of a 13-year-old girl. pinvestigators say nicole lovell pwas abducted from her home. pone of the suspects, 18-year-old pdavid eisenhower, had some sort pof relationship with nicole. pinvestigators are still looking pfor a motive, though. p>>laura: last two inmates who pcarried out a daring escape more pthan a week ago are behind bars. pvideo from the orange county psheriff's department shows the pmen being led into jail in porange jump suits. pthey were recaptured on saturday pin san francisco. pa third escaped inmate turned phimself in to police on friday. p11 days ago, the men sawed pthrough a metal gate, crawled pthrough pipes to reach the pdale's roof and used a rope made pof bed sheets to repel four pstories to the ground.
6:18 am
pto negotiate with four armed poccupants at a federal wildlife prefuge in oregon. pone of the holdouts said he pwants to be assured he won't be parrested if he leaves. ptensions remine high after one pof the members was killed by olice during the arrest of the pgroup's leader and several other rotestors over the weekend. psupporters staged a rally pcalling for the f.b.i. to leave pthem alone. p>>laura: ohio police officer was phoping to take his long time pcanine come upon panion into retirement pbut legal red tape could keep pthem apart. plaw says they can purchase the pdog for $1 when they retire. pin this case, it's the officer pretiring, not the done. phe's still fit for duty. pthere's still hope. pwithout a partner, ajax is going pup for auction on thursday so phickey is raising money in an pattempt to be the raising pbidder.
6:19 am
pup tremendously. pi was under the assumption that pi would end up with the dog. p>> because it is a piece of ersonal property, it is treated pjust like if it was a shovel or p-- that's just the way it is. pkind of p>>laura: the go fund me page has pexceeded more than $3500. pit's exceeded that by how much? p$50,000. phe plans to local tcharit pvests for dogs. pstill seems so strange to call phim a piece of property, to hear pthat. p>>russell: yeah. pand it doesn't make a lot of psense that you can't have the pdog but they're going to auction pthe dog. pthat just doesn't make any sense pbut that's the way it is. psounds like he's going to end up pwith the dog. p>>laura: $53,000 can buy the pdog, you hope. prequire senator cruz is taking
6:20 am
psent out over the weekend. p>>laura: and then rock a bye pbaby. pwe may have found the best pbaby-sitter ever. pthat's next i apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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that will make your face smile... all year. only here. only at seaworld. 3 p>>laura: all right. p6:23 on this sunday morning. ptime to see what's clicking on pthe web. p>>russell: what's going on? p>>taylor: happy monday. pi hope that everyone had a great pweekend. pwe went to the gasparilla arade, maybe you enjoyed the psun and unexpected warm weather pout in the water.
6:23 am
pi saw some dolphins yesterday pbut the video that we have to pshare for our first hot click uts all that to shame. ptake a look at this. no b pjust a killer whale swimming palongside the paddle boarder. plucas is a restaurant owner in pnew zealand and was apparentlily y ply this orca started swimming punder him. pafter five minutes of peacefully laying and swimming pyeah. preally. p>>laura: nothing better than a pgreat white in front of you pswimming away. p>>taylor: as long as you see the pback end, right? pthey're known for killing
6:24 am
pcalfs even but they're here to ose no threat to humans. pthey say there are no deaths pwith killer whale attacks on phumans in the wild that have pbeen reported thus far. p>>laura: never? p>>taylor: yeah. pthat's what they say. pit's on the internet so it has pto be true. pwe hope. pat least we know that turned out pwell. pnext up, watch this. pdid you see that snake pslithering? pwe'll probably show that part pagain. pwe have another close call, this ptime for a man on land in paustralia. p>>russell: there it is. p>>taylor: see that? pwatch as the dog runs over, palerts the owner. p>>laura: see? pand they're a piece of property. p>>taylor: i was listening to pthat story in the dressing room pand i think they're much more pthan that. pthis was a deadly eastern brown psnake that slithered to the pman's patio, made his way
6:25 am
phe chased the snake that alerted pthe man so he could get himself pand the man to safety and the peastern brown snake is currently pthe leading cause of snake bite pdeaths in australia. pthis was really a close call and pit was great that that dog was pthere and alerted him. pthat's really something. pall right. pand lastly, you said it, best pbaby-sitter ever. plittle baby and this dog just procking her hopefully off to a eaceful little snap. p>>laura: dave, are you seeing pthis? pisn't that cute? p>>taylor: i love it. pi really do. pgives me something to look pforward to down the road. pi might be able to teach lemon pfor this. pwe'll figure it out, okay?
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pall eyes on iowa just hours pbefore the first vote is cast. p>>russell: why one major poll pmay already know who wins. pand as people in iowa kick off pthe nomination the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((russell 2shot) good morning, i'm russell rhodes. ((laura)) and i'm laura moody. 3 (dave) p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pwe'll check on the forecast the pway we always do, with dave posterberg. p>>dave: it's mild outside, pstarting to get a little on the pmuggy side outside. pi've run into one or two psprinkles as well but that's not pa big deal. pi think today we get just a psmidge more sunshine than pyesterday. pthere's the radar which shows pyou one or two tiny, tiny little
6:29 am
pgoing to bother you whatsoever. pwe should make it in the mid 70s pfor high temps today. ptomorrow the warmest day of the pweek. pbut then guess what? pwe have rain later this week. pwe'll tell you when in just a plittle bit. plet's check the roads. p>>vanessa: a new crash out of pthe zephyrhills area is going to pbe affecting shady oaks drive pand paul buchman highway. pthere are some lane blockages preported here so you could see pdelays. phowever, i'm guessing based on pthe time of morning that we phave, the volumes in the area, pit's going to be a minor delay. pjust keep an eye out for any olice officers or tow trucks pyou might see working in the parea. premember that move over law. pright now we have a live look pfor you along 275 in pinellas pcounty. pthis is in the area of 54th pavenue north. plooks like there are a few more pcars on the roadways right now pbut so far, those majors' travel ptimes look good. p>>laura: thank you.
6:30 am
pescaped from a juvenile pdetention center in tampa, they pare 18-year-old anthony bay and p17-year-old anthony cook. pfox 13 shayla reaves is live for pus outside of the academy with pthe latest. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pright now authorities are asking panyone, if you have any pinformation, if you've seen them por know how to find them, they pdefinitely want you to call in pand give them the information. pthat is, of course, coming from pcrime stoppers, now offering up pto a $3,000 reward in connection pwith this case in connection pwith the disappearance of p18-year-old anthony bay and p17-year-old anthony cook. pnow, the pair, we're told, were pon the recreation field inside pof the residential facility here poff columbus drive and it was pduring that time when according pto the hillsborough county psheriff's office, bays and cook pactually dits appeared and a
6:31 am
pother teens looking at the pfence. pthey did a head count, searched pand they spotted that area in pthe fence where there was a hole pcut into the fence and peventually they went ahead and pcontacted the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office to preport what they saw. pnow, we can tell you at this oint that both of those teens pwere in custody, they were pserving time for grand theft pauto. pit's unclear if anyone helped pthem with the escape but at the ptime they disappeared, we're ptold that they were wearing pgreen shirts and blue pants. pthe department of juvenile pjustice has said they're going pto be looking into this case to psee whether or not procedures pwere followed or if there were pany procedures not followed that pmay have contributed to their pescape so if you have any pdetails that can help pinvestigators out, please go pahead and give the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office a call. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you.
6:32 am
psays that the academy is run by pa private company. pthey're interviewing workers pright now to figure out how it phappened. pthey also operate highlands pyouth academy where there was a priot in 2013. plast year a grand jury called pthe facility a disgrace that pshould be closed. pdepartment of juvenile justice psays more than $2 million has pbeen spent renovating the pfacility. p>>russell: university of florida pstudent died after he fell from pthe sixth floor of an apartment pcomplex in gainesville. pchance wolfe was found punconscious, blowing early psunday morning. phe died soon after. psecurity video shows wolfe get poff the sixth store elevator and popen the double doors that poverlooks an interior courtyard. phe apparently fell over a glass artition artition. pit looks to be a terrible paccident. p>>laura: all right. pthere are 3.1 million people pliving in iowa.
6:33 am
pdata, there are more people pliving just here in the tampa parea. p>>russell: despite that, the phawkeye state gets to vote pfirst, meaning the iowa caucuses pwill play a big part in shaping pthe 2016 presidential election. p>>laura: before any votes are pcast, some floridians may be pasking, what is a caucus, right? pwe don't have those. pit's 7:00 central time. pan estimated 300 to 400,000 eople spread across nearly 1700 recincts will gather in pchurches and schools and student pcenters. pthey'll listen to speeches by prepresentatives from each pcampaign and then have spirited pdebates about the candidates. patmosphere. pdemocrats and republicans do pthings a little differently. phere is the simplest pexplanation. pdemocrats gather in rooms and pcandidates. pthey need at least 15% to be pconsidered viable. pfinal tally is divided roportionately. p>>russell: republican side, pcaucus goers are given slips of
6:34 am
pof nominee and that's it. plike the democrat, the final pvote is split proportionately. pmicrosoft has created a pair of papps to help the precincts preport their results to party pheadquarters tonight. p>>laura: this weekend senator pcruz cruise pcruz's campaign came under fire pfor sending out these flyers. pthey encourage people to caucus pin order to improve their score. pcritics argue they're accused of ptrying to intimidate voters. p>> we're going to continue to puse every tool we can to pencourage the men and women of piowa to come out, to caucus pmonday night and to stand ptogether as one. p>>laura: cruz isn't the only one pstepping up his ground game. pbush support he weres spent $15 pmillion on ads to win over iowa pvoters, more than the other pg.o.p. candidates combined. p>>russell: the des moines
6:35 am
pstandard. pit has correctly projected the pwinner every year since 1988 pexcept for the 2012 republican pcaucus. p>>laura: that poll predicted pthat romney while people in iowa pturned out for rick santorum. promney went on to win the pnomination. phere is how the race looks just phours before the first vote of pthe 2016 race is cast. pit shows donald trump leading prepublican field in iowa by 28%. pted cruz with 23%. pand marco rubio rounds out the ptop three with 15%. p>>russell: hillary clinton leads pbernie sanders, just 3% pseparating them and martin po'malley is sitting at 3%. pso that means o'malley psupporters could tip the scales pone way or the other. p>>laura: historically the iowa pcaucuses have also been good redictors of who will win the residential nominations.
6:36 am
psince 1996: they were right icking george bush, bob dole pand george w. bush. pmore recently they've been wrong icking mike huckabee in 2008 p2012. p>>russell: craig patrick is in pthe iowa political hurricane. phe's in des moines waiting for pit all to begin and we'll hear pof "good day." p>>laura: coming up, dave will pbring us a look at our work week p i predict someone like me pdespite your jealousy
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p>>dave: and top 'o the morning pto you. retty start to the day. phalfway sunshine. pwe are getting some thicker pcloud cover to move out of here. pdon't get me wrong, we'll have psome clouds to mix in with the psunshine today, but it has been pa pretty start to the day. pand a pretty mild start, too. plook at new tampa, 60 degrees. pwest chase is 63. pthese are huge improvements. pyou remember how chilly it was
6:40 am
pstarting off in the 60s. pa couple of spots, inverness was pone that's gotten back to 59 pdegrees. pstill 53 is our normal low for pthis time of year so even our pcoolest temperature is still prunning about six degrees above pnormal. pi got bradenton at 63. psarasota at 62. pvenice with a temperature of 64 pand then lower 60s as well. pde soto and highlands county, pyou can watch as the thicker pcloud cover just exits to the psouth and the east. pbut we're also going to have pmore of a south to southeast pwind for today so we're bringing pin more moisture interacting pwith the day. pwe'll see a few clouds mixing in pwith the sunshine. pthink about february 1, we're pgoing to have temperatures in pthe mid 70s. preally nothing to complain pabout. pmild air through most of the psoutheast. pover the next 24 to 36 hours, preally going to tell the tale of
6:41 am
plater -- latter half of our pweek. pi put the rainfall forecast into pmotion. pfor monday through friday, you pcan see this is really mostly pgoing to be on thursday, 3/4 pinch to an inch of rain in our parea but over on the state pcapitol, they could pick up a pcouple of inches of rain. pso we're going to have two prounds of rain this week. pi think the first one for us in pearnest is going to be on pthursday. pthis cold front dropping to the psouth and the east. psounds familiar like the other pfronts picking up moisture from pthe gulf, bringing in a line of pshowers and thunderstorms with pit and that line moves through pon thursday. pthe front stalls out over south pflorida. pa little wave of low pressure, pyep, moved right across the gulf pover this weekend and that may pgive us another round of rain on psunday so you're looking at like pa thursday, sunday time frame to ick up showers. pthursday is the first day of the pstate fair but it's good luck pwhen it rains on the first day pof the state fair.
6:42 am
pi totally just made that up. pbut i'm trying to make everybody phappy. p76 degrees for a high. pyou should see the face vanessa pgave me like what? pbecause we have more of a south pwind setting up later today and ptonight, it's likely going to pgenerate some very thick sea fog pright along the immediate pcoastline so you have to give a pheads up for that. pyou know, right along the coast, pright along the water, overall pscattered clouds tomorrow but plook at this temperature. p80 degrees for a high temp ptomorrow afternoon. pbest rain chance, pretty much on pthursday. pit's also going to be breezy on pthursday. pmaybe a left overshower on pfriday. pi shifted the weekend and i pthink that sunday, the clouds pand the showers are going to be prolling back in. pi know it's only monday so we'll pfine tune the weekend forecast pfor later this week and of pcourse, vanessa, it's a pgroundhog. p>>vanessa: i felt we should
6:43 am
pjen and i thought it looked like pa whack a mole earlier. pit's a groundhog for groundhog's pday. p6:43. pwe want to check the travel time pagain starting off in pinellas pcounty. pthe drivers coming up along 275 pheading into the kennedy pboulevard area. pthat ride is just about 19 pminutes. pif you're coming south along 75, lan for 45 four to five minutes. p p p>>vanessa: i really like this.
6:44 am
pthree hours last night, we were ptransported back to rydell high pschool, 1959. pthe t birds and pink ladies preunited for grease. pit was live and the weather did pnot dampen the spirit of the pmusical. pthe show must go on. pwhile weather posed one problem pfor the live production, one of pthe stars was faced with a ersonal tragedy. pi couldn't believe this when i pfound out but she was wonderful. phigh school musical vanessa phutchins, just hours before the pshow, her father died from stage pfour cancer. p65 years old. pshe tweeted the news as the cast pand crew were getting ready. pit does not appear publicly, at pleast, she even thought of pwalking way from the show. pshe asked her followers to keep pher father in her prayers and psaid she was going to do the
6:45 am
plike i mentioned, i thought she pdid a spectacular job. pthere are other performances and pguest stars. phere is one you might have pmissed. pi was doing a double take when i pfirst saw her. pdid you recognize the waitress pat the diner? pthat was the original frenchy pand she shares the stage with pher successor. pthat's not the only thing they pshared. pshe got a silver locket with the pwords, we'll always be together. pi think they did such a great pjob. pdid you get to see the show? p>>charley: i did. pi was watching a little bit of pgrease live and then during pcommercials i would switch over pto the pro bowl which, by the pway, was perfect timing. pi witch switched just to see doug pmartin score a touchdown and pthen i would flip back a little
6:46 am
pwinston throw a great pass. pi was most impressed by the set pchanges, how they would go from pinside to outside. pwhen the girls were in the pbedroom and she's daydreaming pabout the u.s.o. -- p>>vanessa: the costume changes? p>>charley: yeah. pit was impressive. pin my opinion of all the ones pthey've done so far, sound of pmusic and peter pan and even the pwhiz, i thought this was better. lus it's grease. pi knew every song and it was pwell done. pi was going to watch it just a pfew minutes to check it out. pi watched the whole thing. pyou're looking, can i see a preaction? pbut nothing. p>>vanessa: you wouldn't have pknown. p>>charley: and then it was just p-- you mentioned that the poriginal frenchy? p>>vanessa: yeah. p>>charley: my wife picked it up pright away.
6:47 am
p>>vanessa: they had a brief pcameo in the beginning where pthey were doing the opening song pin the rain. p>>vanessa: was she in there? p>> i think she briefly, briefly pshowed her. p>>charley: the whole thing was p-- mario lopez, it was all good. pi was pleasantly surprised. pi hope they do something like pthat again. pit has to be the right material. p>>vanessa: it had folks pquestioning whether it was preally live. p>>charley: i would like to see pit again now but with behind the pscenes footage. pwe are putting together another pcool school for you today. pdoes it look like i'm looking pdown on you? p>>vanessa: almost like a romeo pand juliette thing. p>>charley: there you go. pjuliette, juliette, i'm up here pand you're down there. pi think i can see your house
6:48 am
pi am at athenian public charter pschool, tuition-free charter pschool in pinellas county. pemphasis here on languages. pk-8 school and kids are learning pspanish and greek. pi think it's fantastic that you pcan be in third grade and speak pthree languages. p>>vanessa: that's the time to pstart. p>>charley: yes. pit's a great time to start. peverybody is very excited that pwe're here. pwhy am i on the second floor, pyou may ask? p>>vanessa: i was just asking. p>>charley: they are very proud pof their giant slide. pthis is the way -- you see where pit's going. pset your dvr's now. pthis is how many times they'll pgo from the top floor to the pbottom floor and the kids can pearn a token with good behavior pand other things they do well pand if they get a together up, pthey can use the token on the
6:49 am
pit's a pride slide. pi've been told they waxed it to passure i would not get stuck. pi'm afraid i'm going to shoot pout at 63 miles an hour. phere we go. pwe'll kick off our cool school pof the week. phere we go. pit's monday. pit's 6:00 something in the pmorning. ptime for a slide. p>>vanessa: oh, no. pwhere are you? pi was waiting for grease plightning. p>>charley: my hair was bouncing pon the ceiling the entire way pdown. pthere you go. pgrease lightning, baby. p>>vanessa: i'm doing the dance pwith you, too. pall right, charley. pwell done. pthank you. p>>russell: this morning crews pwill break ground on a new
6:50 am
pa fire burned through the creek pnearly a year and a half ago. pthe rest was demolished in pnovember. pnew church will see 200 people pand house several relics that psurvived that fire. pup to 50 cars were broken into pover the weekend. pcrooks broke out the windows and ptook valuables to other counties pand similar incident happened in photels the last month. pcenturies old mystery. pcrews working on a utility roject in st. augustine pcontinue to uncover human premains. pbone fragments were discovered pearlier this month and now they pfound four graves. presearchers believe the pdiscoveries are connected to a pcatholic church built in 1572. pspaniards, native americans and pslaves were all buried in the pchurch's graveyard. p>>laura: the most outrageous pexcuses for being late to work pand then good news for anyone
6:51 am
pover health music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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3 3 for weeks we have been following the health scare at p>>russell: we're weeks we've pbeen following the health care pat chipotle restaurants. p>>laura: now finally, a little pgood news for the company. pjoining us from the goks pbusiness network studio, lauren psimonetti. pwhat's new here? p>>reporter: the "wall street pjournal" is reporting as early pas today, the cdc, centers for pdisease control and prevention pmight say the e-coli outbreak pthat made 50 plus people sick pacross nine states might be pover. pthat does not mean they've pisolated or identified the cause pof the contamination. pit just means their pinvestigation is over.
6:54 am
pthey report earnings tomorrow. pwe'll know how this scare has paffected their bottom line and pthen next week, you have them pclosing their restaurants pnationwide for lunch because pthey're doing safety training pwith their employees. p>>russell: you know, you're not phere but if you were, you would pknow that just about everybody pin our news room is a little psick. pwe've been sick for about a pweek. pcan't shake it. pthis is something i can't shake. pthat's a good excuse for missing pwork. p>>reporter: i didn't know where pyou were going with that. pi didn't know. pokay. peat at chipotle. phow have i not heard about this? pbest excuses for being late, palso in the past month one in pfour workers were late to work pat least once but this, have you pbeen late to work more than once pa month? psome of the best excuses, i
6:55 am
pi decided to come in anyway. pthat excuse should get you pfired, don't you think? pwhat about the black bear on the phood of my car or i had to get pthe cows back in the field or pthe hair got caught in the blow pdryer or someone stole all my pclothes so crazy excuses that pwere given. pi asked people on twitter to ptell me their craziest excuse. pi'm getting some fun answers. p>>laura: all right. p>>russell: that was detained by phomeland security. pthat's my next one. pwe'll see you later. p>>laura: thank you. pdon't miss lauren on our sister pnetwork station. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: "star wars: the pforce awakens" has earned a p$1.98 billion creeping very pclose to the $2 billion mark and pthat could happen by the end of pthe week. ponly two other movies have hit p$2 billion globally. pavatar and titanic.
6:56 am
pfor tackling tough issues and phelping kids get through them. pnow elmo and rosita are helping pmilitary families help with ptransition. p148,000 children will have to ptransition into civilian life. pthat can be tough. pso sesame street is there to phelp them make new friends and plearn that they can always talk pto mommy and daddy if they're pfeeling sad or left out. pall right, iowa. pit's a big day. pfront and center. pour own craig patrick is there plive. p>>russell: for some candidates, ptoday's caucus is crucial to ptheir campaign. pcraig will fill us in on all of pthis. lus so ugly, he has to be cute. pa very special dog is stealing pthe hearts of everybody on psocial media. pcoming up, quest for a new home. p>>dave: he's adorable. p>>russell: he is.
6:57 am
pwe're sitting in the mid 60s poutside right now. pwe're talking about temperatures
6:58 am
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